Define your professional objectives and put in place a strategy to achieve your goals successfully!


Share your project with us, we will help you build a strategy and identify the key contacts you need to be successful.

• Develop your strategy to enter the Brazilian job market

• Target your job research

• Know which leads you must explore to improve your network

• Take this workshop either alone or in group



Either in our headquarters or by Skype, let´s organize together your orientation in order for you to achieve your objectives:

• Find a job

• Create your own company 

• Find an internship

• Enter an university in Brazil


In group workshops:

In groups, this workshop takes place on Mondays from 9am to 11am*.

*Get in touch with us to know the next workshop dates.




Professional Orientation


9 – 11am

One to one workshops:

The time and date of this two hours workshop can be defined according to the teacher´s and the student´s availability (and room vacancies).



The “Professional Orientation” program offers many benefits:

• Personalized follow-up and orientation for each participant

• Personalized professional orientation

• Orientation and tips for expatriation to Brazil

• Courses in small groups in order to focus on the particular needs of every  student

• Once you´re in the Speak Portuguese Brazil network, you´re in it forever!



• Invitations to the monthly “CCFB Entrepreneur Committee” conference 

• Many discounts with our partners (restaurants, movies, museums …) – CLUBE DE BENEFICIOS

• Networking events with Brazilians and the foreign community in Brazil



Our courses and workshops are open to any student, expatriate or their households, coming from any horizon, without restrictions concerning their formation and their language level, willing to obtain the keys to enter the Brazilian job market.



Our orientation coaching program aims to prepare all kinds of expatriates willing to come to Brazil, by providing them the tips to manage their arrival and be prepared to cultural differences.

Our professional workshops will help you to prepare and will give you all the tools to conduct a successful job research.



Our workshops are led by Franco-Brazilian coaches, qualified and specialized for the Brazilian job market.

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Alexandrine e Pauline, boa tarde. É com grande alegria que escrevo este e-mail, pois trago boas notícias. Fui aceita no Master 2 em 4 Universidades na França (Tudo graças a sua ajuda para preparar o dossiê de candidatura) !!!! No dia 15 de setembro estarei partindo para França. Obrigada por tudo.

Sati Fukunaga
Francês Intermediário I
Apr 19, 2008